Sunday, March 16, 2014

Office Makeover

I am going to overwhelm you with pictures today.  I finally finished our home office.  This room has been the one room that I desperately wanted to finish since we moved in and I never really had a plan.  I finally made a list of what I wanted to do and just got to it and finished.

I forgot any before pictures but basically I found file cabinets, a desk chair and painted both.  I  made and hung shades, recovered my bulletin board, hung a filing system, hide cords and painted walls.  It only took me a year to do it! 

Office Now

Room View (2)

Room View

File Cabinet


Bulletin Board

Nipper Picture


The file cabinets and chair are both painted in Annie Sloan chalk paint, pure white.  The walls are Benjamin Moore Ashley Grey.  The picture of my cat is a print out from Waterlouge App and the frame is recent from Target, Threshold.  The hanging file system is from Ikea.  The lamp is from Hobby Lobby (last year).

Have a great week everyone!



Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mini Blind Roman Shades

Happy Sunday Guys! I am back today to show you my marvelous mini blind roman shades.  Last week I showed you my very easy no sew shades for my workout room HERE and today I am going to show you a glimpse into my finally decorated office!

Office Shades Complete

One of the major things I needed to do in here besides paint was figure out a solution for shades.  We have a dedicated home office because Will and I both use it for work regularly.  The room sits off the back of our house and gets tons of morning light which shines right on the computer screen.  As I mentioned in my post last week our windows are an odd size so custom shades/blinds are the only option but I also wanted color so I got creative.  I searched around on Pinterest for a solution and found a way to make roman shades using cheap mini blinds!

We bought cheap mini blinds from Lowes for less than $5 bucks each in 27” and trimmed them down with the dremmel to 26”.  Once I found my fabric I got to work.  The tutorial I used HERE is excellent!  Simply Mrs. Edwards did a fantastic job and I am grateful I found the “pin”.  Please check it out HERE to see her shades.  Here are the steps from my point of view. 

Materials Needed


  • Fabric (I needed 2 yards per window)
  • Muslin fabric
  • Fabri-tac glue
  • Heat n Bond no sew tape (iron on)
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Cheap mini blinds
  • Iron/Ironing board

Step One:

Cut fabric 2” wider than window in width and 6” longer.  Cut muslin to exact window size. 

**If using a fabric with no repeat, this is much easier.  I had to lay my fabric out and really concentrate on where I cut top/bottom and side to side so that all shades matched.  This step took the most time and I wasted more fabric.


Step Two:

Lay muslin over fabric leaving 3” on top/bottom and 1” on each side. Then use the iron on tape to iron the edges, I secured the bottom as well.




Step 3:

Roll out the mini blinds and start to disassemble leaving only the parts needed.


You want to cut the cord that holds the slats, the one that looks like a ladder.  Do not cut the cord that controls the blind.


Take the weighted bar at the bottom off temporarily.  You simple pop out the little circular plugs at the bottom and untie the cord.  Slide the bar off.


This allows you to remove the slats.  You want to leave enough slats for the folds in the shade.  I left 7, the weighted bar acts as a fold as well.


Step 4:

Adhere the fabric to the mini blind.  Here you want to lay out your fabric and mark the sides where you want the slats to go.  I measured for a slat every 7.5” inches.


Next you lay the mini blind over the fabric and arrange each slate in the center of the marking (I marked both sides of fabric)


I had to make sure I set my top bar the same for each one because of the fabric pattern.  You want to glue the top on first.  This is where the Fabri-Tac glue comes in to secure the fabric.  You add the glue to the front of the mini blind and flip over and press into fabric. Through this make sure not to get glue on your cord.


Arrange the slats in the center of the mark and glue the front of each one and press down to secure. (dog hair and all)


Then you work on the bottom slate, gluing to the front first, flip over to secure. 



Tie the string back and slide into bottom and put the plugs back in the weighted bar.  Leave just a little slack in the cord, not to tight, not really loose. The add glue to the bottom and sides to secure.  Cut a small slit in fabric to go around the cord.  Trim excess fabric.




At this point you should let them sit for a while to dry and set up.  I waited about 2 hours and then you just hang them up like you would a regular mini blind.  Mine had the brackets secured to inside of window so I just slid these in. It took a minute to pull them up and get the folds to cooperate the first time but they are pretty easy to operate and they look great!! I am really happy with the way they have turned out. 

Office Shades

Here is a look at the back with them hanging.

Shade Back

This project took me about 6-7 hours to complete for 3 shades.  Right now I have more time than money so it was worth it.  Plus I am pretty proud of them.  As for the cost here is the breakdown.

  • Fabric $76.86
  • Muslin $19.80
  • Mini Blinds $12.43 (for 3)
  • No Sew Tape $4.98 (2 rolls)
  • Total cost: $114.07



Sunday, February 23, 2014

No Sew Shades

I have been busy this month working on our office and workout spaces.  For the workout room I wanted to add a pop of color and decided to do that with fabric and try a Pinterest project I’ve been wanting to give a whirl.

There are a ton of “pins” on Pinterest on how to make shade like these.  I used a tutorial from Imparting Grace. I felt like her tutorial was the easiest to follow.  You can see it HERE. I made a few adjustments and here is how I made it work for me.

Roman Shades

DIY No Sew Shades

Materials Needed

  • Fabric
  • Liner Fabric
  • No Sew Tape
  • Measuring Stick or Tape
  • Scissors
  • Tension Rods (I used 8 for 2 windows)
  • Iron and Ironing Board


Step 1

Measure your fabric.  You want the fabric to be 2 inches wider and 6” longer than the inside of your window.  My windows are 26”x 60”, so I cut the fabric to be 28” x 66”.  I also lined the shades with muslin fabric and cut that to the exact size of the window.

I used muslin to line my fabric.  The tutorial I was using suggest doubling over the fabric.  Liner fabric is cheaper so chose to use that. 

Muslin Fabric on top

Step 2

Hem the edges and bottom with the no sew tape.  Lay your tape on the edge and fold over to 1 inch and iron.  Follow directions for the tape you purchase.

Hem Tape

Step 3

Place a tension rod at the top and fold fabric over 3 inches, place the no sew tape down and iron the fabric together over the tension rod creating a pocket.

Sew in Tension Rod

Step 4

Hang the curtain, then hang your tension rods over the fabric.

Hang Fabric

hang with rods

Here you want to simply pull the fabric under and over the tension rods to create your “folds” in the fabric. 


That's it!  Super easy and they look great.  Now I have that pop of color and I didn’t spend a lot or invest a lot of time.

INo Sew Curtains


  • I used Heat n Bond no sew tape for heavy duty fabric, I like this brand a lot!
  • I ran out of the tape (I needed 2 rolls for 2 shades) So I finished the last edge with Fabri-Tac

Fabric Tac

  • If you can sew, it will save you even more time
  • I had to adjust the folds to make it look like the pattern matched on both windows.  I wasn’t paying attention to the pattern as I was cutting and I got lucky it was close, pay attention.

This solution is great form me.  Our windows are not a standard size so I have to buy custom cut blinds or shades which are more expensive.  It is also difficult for me to find drapes because our windows are so high and close to our 10 foot ceilings.  The longer the drape the more expensive. 


I spent $18 on 4 yards of fabric at Hobby Lobby (used a coupon).  $14 on the muslin, $3 for the tape.  $3 each for the tension rods at $24 (which I already had).  Total of $59. 

Hope to be back in the next week or so with the final reveal of this room and the office reveal…I made mini blind roman shades for that room and I can’t wait to show you!!!

Have a great week!



Thursday, February 13, 2014


I made some cupcakes today since we are snowed in.  I try and spend my time wisely Winking smile

Strawberry Frosted Cupcakes

These chocolate strawberry treats were super easy to make.  I had planned to make some cupcakes I made a few years ago on Valentines Day that were Neapolitan, they were really good but when I went to pull my recipe from Pinterest the link was broken.  So, I searched to find a really good strawberry icing and I found a “pin” from  Girl Inspired, Strawberry Dream Frosting.  This frosting was so easy to make, click on the link Here for the full recipe. Basically it’s marshmallow fluff, butter, powdered sugar and strawberry extract. With a little pink food coloring as suggested you could fool anyone into thinking this was real strawberry goodness! 

The frosting itself seemed a little butter heavy but when paired with the chocolate cake it is delish!  The cake itself is just boxed cake mix.  I used Fresh Market’s gluten free brand, only because I was there the other day and needed cake mix otherwise I would have used Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines.  The Fresh Market brand is tasty if you are looking for gluten free.

I am not a fan of Valentines Day but I thought my co-workers would like a treat and since Will’s Birthday is the 15th I made him a big cupcake!

Birthday Cupcake 

I made sure I tried it for him, you know a love bite!  Wishing you a happy Valentines Day if you are into the holiday and wishing my husband a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!



Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pallet Art

This past weekend Will made the coolest wall art!  I just had to share with you guys.

NC sign

The more I see it the more I love it!  I’ll admit I was a little unsure about the pallet art in the house but we found a great spot in our living room to add it.

NC Sign in Living Room

We had company over for the Super Bowl Sunday and everyone was loving Will’s handy work.  Someone suggested we could add “home” to the sign and I have thought about painting it on, so just for fun I added it to the picture to see what it would look like. 

NC Home

Love my handy husband!  I also love that he came up with the idea, I think my creativity is rubbing off on him!

What do you guys think?  Have you seen any cool pallet projects lately?  



Sunday, January 19, 2014


The older I get the more I love this month.  I have come to enjoy the quiet days of winter when we are not so busy, however, I’ll never get used to the cold.  I’m a homebody and in the winter I like to stay inside and the quiet allows me dream for the new year and in turn I end up most inspired by decorating. 
After all the Christmas decorations came down I cleaned, really deep cleaned.  I threw out things, washed baseboards, washed windows, and vacuumed nooks and crannies.  Once everything felt new I made a to-do list of things that needed to be done this month. 
Red Berries
Once we started knocking out those to-do’s I started re-arranging and re-decorating areas.  I start to see my house again, I look at the areas I love and the areas that need change and I feel like I start from a fresher perspective.  I see ways to use old things in a different way.
Bedroom Picture
This January I’ve been organizing and making the most of wasted space and I have been decorating small areas.  I also have taken inventory of what I want for the upcoming year and how I want spaces to change.  The dining room is first on the list and I finished my gallery wall as part of my to-do’s and I found a rug that I love.
Dining Room 2
Dining Room 3
There are still things that need doing and things I want to change but I like this slower pace and now I am off to make a green tea latte and read a book while snuggled under my throw blanket and a cat curled in my lap.  Winter does have it’s highlights.

**Rug from World Market: 6’x9’ Blue Bordered Chunky Jacquard Weave Sisal Rug (Hurry, its on sale!)